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KnowledgeSync is implemented in over 10,000 businesses worldwide.

Alerts to anyone, anytime, anywhere
KnowledgeSync’s intelligent alert design lets you notify individuals, groups, and “affected parties,” for example, a customer with a delayed shipment and the sales rep for that customer’s account.

Form and document delivery
KnowledgeSyc supports both scheduled document delivery like monthly statements, and triggered document delivery, such as sending a PO to a vendor when an inventory item reaches its reorder level.

Report distribution
KnowledgeSync is also your solution for automating the generation and distribution of your analytical reports. Whether it’s sales forecasts, inventory analyses, or employee performance reviews, KnowledgeSync supports both scheduled reports and triggered reports.

Workflow automation
Delivering information to your business applications in the form of intelligent workflow, KnowledgeSync can update your business applications with the details of what has happened and what has to happen.

Pre-configured KnowledgeSync events
KnowledgeSync includes collections of pre-configured business events for over 100 popular front-office and back-office software solutions, with a particular focus in the areas of manufacturing, ERP, CRM, and human resources.

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