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KnowledgeSync for Sales

Automated monitoring alerts you to every opportunity.


KnowledgeSync frees up your sales staff by automating daily tasks.

You want your sales staff to sell! Help them do that by making management tasks more manageable by alerting them to opportunities and accounts in trouble. Some of the things KnowledgeSync can do:

  • Send alerts to clients regarding time-sensitive sales activities such as quotes about to expire, special pricing, and other promotions
  • Create reminders about opportunities in your pipeline whose estimated close date is nearing so you can check with the prospect for an update
  • Generate and deliver sales and marketing reports, either on a recurring schedule (e.g., daily at 9 AM), or based on triggered business conditions (such as the pipeline has less than "x" dollars in it)
Knowledge Sync Did You Know

Did you know. . .

. . . KnowledgeSync can alert you when a sales opportunity has had its forecast amount, probability, or close date changed?

If a sales opportunity has not been followed up on by a sales rep within two days, KnowledgeSync alerts the rep and schedules a call for them in our CRM application.

Let us show you how KnowledgeSync can empower your organization to be more proactive and customer-centric.