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KnowledgeSync for Customer Support

Automation technology improves quality of service.

Customer support

KnowledgeSync helps your customers feel valued.

Let customers know you're working on their issues, be aware of which cases aren't meeting quality standards, and monitor agent performance without having to dig through reports or check dashboards. With KnowledgeSync you can:

  • Automatically respond to customer emails with an acknowledgment message, including their case number and assigned agent, so they know you are working on their request
  • Monitor cases that are have exceeded quality thresholds, such as those waiting on the first response or too long for escalation
  • Receive reports about the performance of your customer support agents to know where to focus your performance improvement efforts
Knowledge Sync Did You Know

Did you know. . .

. . . KnowledgeSync can help you meet SLAs by monitoring key support metrics, escalating outstanding issues, and auto-assigning (or re-assigning) tickets that have not been followed-up on?

KnowledgeSync notifies us well before a critical service level is reached, allowing us to reallocate resources and respond to customer issues as promised.

Let us show you how KnowledgeSync can empower your organization to be more proactive and customer-centric.