Knowledge Sync Enterprise Software CRM

KnowledgeSync for CRM

Automation solution for managing opportunities and data.


Storing opportunities in your CRM is essential, but keeping watch over them and taking action when needed is even more critical.

KnowledgeSync stays on top of your leads and the campaigns they came from by monitoring activities or inactivity and reporting when a lead converts from a prospect to a customer.

Support doesn’t begin and end with service level agreements (SLAs). KnowledgeSync monitors and alerts on everything related to support calls including missed deliveries, follow-up response times, and product issues.

We all know that errors happen, and sometimes data is manipulated. You might not be able to stop these things from happening, but you can automate the process to both spot and respond to them. You identify the conditions and responses and KnowledgeSync will look for issues 24/7.

Knowledge Sync Did You Know

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