Knowledge Sync Enterprise Software

KnowledgeSync Connects Your Entire Organization

Business process automation keeps everyone informed.

Enterprise Software

KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-wide alerts and workflow solution.

KnowledgeSync integrates all your business data regardless of where that data resides. The business process automation software can be locally installed into on-prem solutions and integrates with hosted and cloud-based solutions.

Using a combination of data connection methods that includes .NET database provider, OLE/DB, ODBC, and REST web service, KnowledgeSync ensures that it can monitor, identify, and respond to all the data impacting your organization.

In addition to monitoring and responding to conditions in ERP, CRM, and HR applications, KnowledgeSync also integrates with specialized apps that add-on to those solutions.

These apps include but are not limited to solutions that manage sales tax, document management, inventory optimization, bar-coding, talent management, and recruiting.

For those organizations using custom (or homegrown) apps, KnowledgeSync’s application-independent design allows it to integrate with any solution that stores data in standard relational databases, regardless of where those databases reside.

Knowledge Sync Did You Know

Did you know. . .

. . . KnowledgeSync can monitor the content of incoming email messages, automatically linking emails with corresponding database records, auto-responding to those emails, and dynamically-updating databases with the details of incoming messages?

Let us show you how KnowledgeSync can empower your organization to be more proactive and customer-centric.