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SQL Server Logs Guidance

During the normal course of operation and execution of events, KnowledgeSync can create a lot of updates in the KS_Object database which can cause SQL database logs to grow.

We recommend that customers review the SQL Server guidance with respect to recovery models and use the settings that are appropriate for their environment, and as recommended by their DBAs and IT departments.

If log space is an issue, the KnowledgeSync databases can be set to Simple recovery model. This eliminates log backups. We recommend periodic manual backups to protect the data in these databases.

For more information about backups and recovery models, refer to the SQL Server documentation.

SQL Server Documentation

Scripts to Update Recovery Model to Simple

Use the following scripts to set the Recovery Model to Simple, for the KS_Object and KS_Inbox databases.

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder.
  • Run the SQL script files individually, preferably within SQL Server Management Studio.