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We now have a video library for Sage Alerts & Workflow to help learn the product. Click this SAGE VIDEOS link to go directly to that channel and view all the new assets we have.

Downloading Information

When you download Alerts & Workflow, you are downloading the live application; you will get 90 days to evaluate which begins on the day you install the Alerts & Workflow application.

Sage Alerts & Workflow 10.6.3

Release Notes

User Manual

Important Note for Customers currently on SAW 10.5.0

Starting with V10.5.1, customers must supply their own Client ID and Client Secret in the app settings when adding a new Office 365 email with OAuth2 as an email type. Please note: All OAuth2 Emails entered in version 10.5 will stop working and MUST be reconnected.

Please refer to Release Notes and User Manual for details.

System Requirements Guide

Installation Manual

REST API Introduction

Tutorial and Certification

Click here for some critical guidance to manage the size of SQL Server Logs.

If you need the version 9 installer, please contact our Support Team.

If you have a license for Alerts & Workflow for an earlier version (v8.x, v9, etc.) you will need a new license for v10. You must be current on Maintenance and Support (M&S) to receive this license. You can check your status on M&S by emailing:

KnowledgeSync Linking Function (KLF)

KLF download

Click the above link to download
Extract the contents to a folder, for instance, C:\KLF.
Run the registration batch file that is in the folder.
You are now ready to run KLF.
Detailed instructions are included in "ReadmeFirst.docx" which is part of

Alerts & Workflow EventPaks

Click EVENTPAKS for all links and lists